the commoners

An Irish Jam Rock band out of Fort Collins, Colorado performing concerts at festivals, pubs, weddings, funerals, private parties, bars & pubs across the nation.  Mouse, Jesse, Tyler, Nate & Ben combine their musical talents to play traditional songs, some contemporary rock songs, a few classic rock covers and originals to pleased crowds across the land.

Thanks for visiting our page. We're currently trying to make it a bit prettier!! We'll use this front page for the biggest stuff coming up in our everyday lives.

Like a trip to Hawaii in February that we're a bit stoked for.

Also our upcoming album that we're working on. Dare I say that we'll be releasing a couple back to back, but the first one that is getting all the attention from us right now is a full-length, all original album. Hoping to have it ready before we take off to Hawaii, but we'll see!!