Let me begin by giving credit where credit is due.  I think all the pictures, save 1, were taken and shared by a wonderful local gal who has the glorious life of taking pictures of bands and maintaining a blog of all the live music she gets to be a part of.  She probably sees more bands in a month than our whole combined group sees in a year.  So please....give her blog a visit and please tell her thank you:   http://ravenmount.blogspot.com/

Recently having played at FOCOMX6 this year, The Commoners have been busily and cheerily making their mark in the Fort Collins music scene and reviving the Irish community. While their names denote a variable ‘common’ in society and refers to one the Roman’s echelons back in the day, or now better known as our ‘average joe’, their sound has ignited a spark of revival in our Irish community

Four distinctive individuals – Mouse, lead guitar and vocals, and who has kept the band name alive through various phases of bandmates and sounds, recently acquired Mulligan’s Pub and Sports Club, the new home of The Commoners and Irish music community. Joining Mouse is Jesse Lee, bassist and vocalist who also plays in Greyweather with fellow guitar player Tyler T, whom we have seen also performing solo acts around town, and Nate Brown, kicking in the percussion sealing this gang of four’s Irish funk with a punk-edge making them an ultra Irish jam band Fort Collins is proud to have!

We can safely say the St. Patty’s Day parade was a forthcoming introduction of the band for many that attended the parade, and though it was a cloudy day, The Commoners were alive with non-stop festive toe-tapping energy hailing from the float they shared with KRFC into second place out of over 80 entries.

Music of The Commoners is song of soul. When you hear their music, you travel into the culture and majestic imagery of the Irish glass clinking, lively cheeriness and, for an instant, you are transported into a pub in an Irish village in the beautiful green hills of Ireland – right here in Fort Collins.

You can expect the return of the Irish Festival as The Commoners bringing us to a new level of partying Irish style. You can see them at Mulligan’s for an Animal Shelter Benefit June 3at5pm, Mulligan’s new menu kickoff on Wednesday, June 4, and joined by the Guinness Girl Dancers on Saturday night, June 7. Open Mic is held every Monday at 7pm – all instruments (including whistles) are welcome for glass clinking jams.
— Scene Magazine

We had the commoners play at our wedding and got rave reviews from all of our guests. Everyone was on their feet and dancing the whole night, from little kids to my grandma! They learned a rather obscure song as our first dance and performed it beautifully. Derek/Mouse was easy to work with and easy to get ahold of. He had a great set list planned just for us. Such great energy and so much fun!
— Tara Sikora & Greg Slagel

the commoners was the best choice for my wedding! a delightful irish rock band they were more then a wedding band, it was like they were performing a concert. my guests were pleasantly surprised and thrilled at the tunes they played and my husband and i would not have wanted any other band. we go see their shows in denver at scruffy murphys, check them out!
— Annie & Sean

an excerpt...(Gordon) Gano offers a similar sentiment on the Femmes tune “Add It Up,” where he sings about not being able to get laid. So when the Commoners, who hail from Fort Collins, played that tune at Scruffy Murphy’s (2030 Larimer Street), then offered up some Irish folk tunes as well a great take on the Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun” ..... they got high marks in my book — especially since they tossed some mandolin into the mix.
In retrospect, it was a little out-of-whack to be drinking Boddington’s ale from Britain inside an Irish pub that was celebrating the halfway mark to St. Patrick’s Day while Oktoberfest was going on outside. But it didn’t seem strange at the time. In fact, it felt like this saloon had always been a part of this neighborhood, even though it just opened in March 2005....
— http://www.westword.com/2009-10-01/music/add-it-up-and-get-your-irish-up-at-scruffy-murphy-s/

St. Patty’s day is a great example of the Irish in all of us, but one Fort Collins band takes that a little bit further. The Commoners played at Bar SS (formally the Swing Station) in LaPorte Friday night, parading around their embellished Irish accents and enthusiasm for drinking for a small, but enthusiastic crowd (my favorite was the woman in her mid 40s who started off dancing right in front of the stage and didn’t stop except to take swigs of her beer).
For a relatively unknown local band, The Commoners played a really solid set. They did a lot of old Irish favorites, some of their own materials and a few covers, including the song everyone can’t help but sing along to, “I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…” you can finish it.
The lead singer is a guy named Mouse (yes, he legally changed his name to Mouse) was quite the character, sharing with the audience his extensive knowledge of Irish blessings and cheers.
Even though you probably weren’t there ’cause there wasn’t many of us, let me know what you think about The Commoners if you’ve seen them before. Got any favorite songs of their’s (my favorite was “MacIntire” and “Rat in the Bog” because it was so fun to sing along to them). Keep up the good work guys.
— http://scenesavvant.com/2010/02/the-commoners-bring-out-the-irish-is-us-all/